Do you want to be a Computer Programmer?

Hamed Dhg
2 min readMay 24, 2021

Hello there

Do you want to create a software for mobile or desktop? or create a website? or …
And And you do not know where to start?


1.First of all, you have to determine the goal, Why do I want to be a programmer?make money,do something cool,you love it,…

2. Ok ,For next you should pick a programming language to Start learning basic concepts.for first you can pick python or javascript. both of them are good choices.

3.What is basic concepts?

In programming we have some concepts that is common in most of languages and you should learn it.i don’t explain what they are but tell you their name.

Basic concepts are :

  • Data types (Strings,numbers(Integers,floats),Boolean)
  • Operators(+,-,*,/,=,…)
  • Variable
  • If statement
  • Loops(while,for)
  • List or Array
  • Dictionary
  • Function

You should understand this concepts in first and practice to be good at them

*for Writing codes you need a text editor like:Vs code,atom,…

4.The next step is learn Object-oriented programming.

in Object-oriented programming we create a class and then We make objects from that class.



object:cat or dog

5(optional).if you want to be a good programmer It is good to be familiar with algorithms and data structures.

6.After all this, it ‘s time to learn a framework.

What are frameworks?

Frameworks Prepare a number of tools for us that make the job easier for us.

That’s it.

Now i want talk about Popular Areas of programming.


In Web have three kind of developers:Front-end,Back-end,Full-stack

for Front-end you should learn:

  • Html
  • Css
  • Javascript

For Back-end is many languages you can pick like:

  • python(frameworks:Django,Flask,…)
  • Javascript(frameworks:Express,…)
  • Php(frameworks:Laravel)

and for full-stack you should learn front-end and back-end.

Mobile apps:

  • for android you should learn:kotlin or java
  • For ios:swift
  • For boss of them:Dart(framework:Flutter)

Artificial intelligence and data analysis and machine learning:

  • python ,…


for games you should pick a game engine:

  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Godot
  • GameMaker

Desktop apps:

  • C++
  • python
  • javascript

*for more information in desktop apps search about gui

You can do a Google search to learn more about any of what I said.


  • What is variable?
  • Good frameworks for web development
  • Programming languages for web or mobile app or …
  • Web development concespts

And for learn programming languages and frameworks you can use Online Academy or search in youtube like:

  • Python tutorial
  • javascript tutorial

Good luck.